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Triple Screw Pumps

Triple Screw Pumps

Triple Screw Pumps with external or internal bearing are available in horizontal or vertical constructions, with or without heating arrangements and have single mechanical seals for shaft sealing. They handle all neutral lubricating liquids,have a compact space saving design and are self priming. Due to the precise manufacture of the screws and their profile, the possibility of getting a high suction lift is ensured.They operate continuously and run noiselessly.

Principle of operation

The pumping element of the Triple Screw Pumps consists of three screws. The main or drive screw and the two driven screws which mesh together within the pump casing and form transfer chambers.

When turning the main screw the chambers move continuously and axially from the suction to the discharge side according to the pitch of the screws.The volume of the several chambers is constant,hence a constant flow is obtained over the length of the pumping elements.

The resulting axial thrust during operating for the main screw is completely balanced by compensating piston.The driven screw are led by bearings or balancing bushes in the discharge area. They are only partially balanced. A slightly axial thrust positions them by pressing on to the end plate. Due to suction pressure in the seal housing, i.e., in front of compensating pistons and bushes, the pressure is balanced. There is a relief-valve arranged between seal housing and suction chamber.

The screws are in contact with each other as well as with the surrounding casing. Subsequently, the medium must always have certain lubricating properties. The normal force between the component parts is directly proportional to the viscosity of medium. the maximum pressure, attained with such pumps, also depends directly on the corresponding viscosity.

Features and Advantages

Internal or External Bearing Design Available.
Turbulence free pulsation less flow
Pumps suitable for low NPSH
Replaceable Cartridge Construction
Noiseless operation
Low Maintenance
Long life
Orientation of inlet / outlet to meet specific requirement
Variety Of Casing Material Available
Variety Of Sealing Arrangement Possible
Variety Of Mounting Arrangement Possible

UT Pumps & Systems Pvt Ltd also manufactures Single Screw Pumps as per designs acquired from Bornemann and can offer spares and complete pumps identical to and interchangeable with Bornemann pumps.

The entire pump consists of Casing with Replaceable Cartridge Assembly, but for specific applications triple screw pumps are available in different design.
 triple screw pumps  triple screw pump
Maximum Pumping Pressure (bars)
in variable pitch
SizeCapacity Flow (m3/Hr) G(Large Pitch)H(Normal Pitch)K(Small Pitch)

Performance parameter given in above chart is indicative, Please Contact for actual Pump selection.