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Triple Screw Pumps PDF Model

Triple Screw Pumps PDF Model

Bell mounted Casings can be installed horizontally or vertically.
Lateral suction and discharge flange, with option of reversal position by 1800.

Horizontal or vertical flange mounted pump with laterally arranged flange connections.
Available with both internal and external bearing design.
These pumps consist of a Casing with Replaceable Cartridge Assembly.
Pump casing is symmetrical in standard execution enabling change in inlet/ outlet orientation.
Casings are available in different materials such as Cast Iron & Carbon Steel Cast and Carbon Steel Fabricated.
Pump available with heating cover and heating jacket for handling liquid at high temperature.
Can handle Fuel Oil, Lube Oil, Mineral Oil, Crude Oil, Glycol, Bitumen, Resins, etc.
The pumps are provided with a Built in Relief Valve, which allows excess pressure to be re-circulated to suction chamber.

Max Pressure: 100 Bars
Max Capacity: 200 m3/Hr.
Max Temperature: 1800C

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