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Coke Oven Door Cleaning System

Coke Oven Door Cleaning System

UTPSL provides high pressure water jet cleaning system for coke oven door cleaning in steel plants. Complete system consisting of pump motor set with power pack and special Nozzle lancing system delivers High pressure water jet on the profile of coke oven door sealing face such that any slag or scaling deposit on surface creating obstruction in door closing is clearly removed and doors are properly closed and sealed.

Coke Oven Door Cleaning System With High Pressure Pump

Existing Method
Removal of scale from coke oven door sealing area is being done manually by the following conventional methods which are time consuming and not effective:
By scrapping
By Manual cleaning with chemical /Diesel


Highly labor intensive and therefore needs lot of manpower.
Time consuming.
Needs stand by Coke oven doors, hence require more capital. 

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