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Triple Screw Pumps PDT Model

Triple Screw Pumps PDT Model

Space saving special design for direct mounted on vertical tanks.
Suction end submerged directly in liquid and discharge port out of the tank.
Ideally suitable application for governing system of hydro turbine.

Vertical tank top mounted pump with submerged inlet connection, particularly designed for the specific application for Hydro turbine Governing Systems
Available with both internal and external bearing.
These pumps consist of a Casing with Replaceable Cartridge Assembly.
Pump is directly coupled to a motor through a flexible coupling mounted on a motor stool.
Can handle Lube Oil, Mineral Oil etc.
The pumps can be provided with a Return Valve, which allows excess pressure to return to tank.
Flexible in design to with specific mounting requirement.

Max Pressure: 100 Bars
Max Capacity: 100 m3/Hr.
Max Temperature: 1800C

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