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High Pressure Hydro Jetting Solutions

Usha Hydro Dynamics Limited (UHDL)

UHDL, a group company of UTPSL was established in 1980. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company provides services in the field of Descaling of Equipments and Vessels through Hydro jetting and Re-tubing of Condenser and Heat Exchanger. We possess large fleet of Motor and Diesel Engine driven pumps. (Indigenous and European Make) complete with modern accessories for carrying out most difficult cleaning operations.

Hydro jetting is a effective method way to remove blockages that cause clogging.All operations are performed by highly skilled and trained professionals with focus on safety for handling high pressure water jetting ( Hydro jetting ).
Have handled various critical and challenging cleaning projects in a wide range of industries.

Services Offered

Annual Rate Contract

Pump with accessories is stationed at customer site for use by customer manpower to meet their cleaning requirements as and when required.

Shutdown Services

Pump along with crew is sent to customer site and do the cleaning operations during shutdown or normal operations.

Breakdown Maintenance

Pump along with crew is provided to meet emergency cleaning requirements.

This technology is superior to conventional mechanical cleaning in following ways: -

Hydro jetting is 15-20 times faster than conventional mechanical cleaning of tubes / pipes and thus reduces down time of equipment manifold.
Hydro jetting arrests possibility of quicker deposition of contamination (scales).
In case of internal cleaning, damage to tube / pipe due to fouling of cutter or use of chemicals/detergents is totally avoided thereby increasing life of pipes / tubes by using hydro jetting.
In case of external cleaning, hydro jetting can clean crevices and other places where conventional cleaning can’t be done.
Water being the media for hydro jetting, total operation is environment-friendly.

Hydro Jetting Services by Usha Hydro Dynamics Limited


Cleaning of Turbine blades, Heat exchanger pipes and tubes, Air-filters, Pre-heaters, Reactors, Pressure vessels, Silos, Tanks, Machined parts, Sewage pipes, Ship hull, Evaporators, Condensers, Coolers, Tube Bundles, Coach/Boggies, External Cleaning using Hydro jetting

Boiler tube & heat exchanger cleaning by hydro jet technology


Heat exchanger cleaning

ACC Fin Cleaning