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Oil & Gas Industry

Oil and Gas Industry

Single Screw Pump
1Loading, Unloading/ Transfer of Light & Heavy Fuel Oils, HSD, LDO etc.
2Loading & unloading of lube oils
3Oil sludge, skimming, waste Transfer
4Skimmer oil from API
5Oil & wax mixture
6Diesel fuel, fuel oil/ Heavy oil Transfer
9Crude oil & water transfer
10 Offshore oil transfer
11 Blending
12Waste and slop oil Transfer
13 Water treatment
14sludge/waste water transfer
15Effluent transfer
16Transfer of asphalt, Bitumen, Vacuum residue, LSHS, Short residue, Crude oil
17 Centralized lubrication system
18 vacuum residue transfer
19Condenser / Heat exchanger tube cleaning
20Hydraulic testing of boiler/ Vessels/ Pipelines
21Basket/filter cleaning
22Cleaning of mesh & filters
23Cleaning of AHU/radiator
24Cleaning of cooling tower
25Workshop/equipment cleaning
26Well Regeneration
27Chemical Injection
28Sewer cleaning
29Vehicle Cleaning
30 Water Injection
31Drilling rigs Cleaning
32Offshore cleaning

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