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Single Screw Pumps EL Model

Single Screw Pumps EL Model

Horizontal mountedcompact design pumpswithout bearing housing.
Suitable for handling high and low viscous, neutral or abrasive media.
Suitable for handling solid particles in suspension.
Suction and Discharge ports can be interchanged by simple reversal of direction of rotation of pump.
Special design sealed long life cardon joint
Capacity Range Available: 5 LPM to 3350 LPM.
Pressure range 24 Bar max.

Advantages of EL Pump
Compact design Driven with Motor.
Suitable for shear sensitive liquid.
High suction lift.
Pulsation less smooth flow.
Noiseless, Vibration less, Self Priming operation

Single Screw Pump EL Model
TypeMax PressureCapacity Flow (m3/Hr)
E2L122.14.56.8 11.313.728.542.452.29141
E4L240.91.73.2 5.57.410.11532.8--

Performance parameter given in above chart is indicative, Please Contact for actual Pump selection.