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Twin Screw Pumps w Model


Twin Screw Pumps W Model

Range W
Horizontal pumps with lateral suction flange, delivery flange directed to the top. The pump casings are symmetrically design so that the suction line can be connected on the left or right side by simply turning the casing. Mostly pumps are installed in horizontal position on a base frame directly connected to motor by a flexible coupling.

Horizontal mounted rotary, positive displacement Twin Screw Pumps with external bearings and timing gears.
Suitable for handlingvery low to highly viscous liquids.
Self-priming, noiseless and vibration free operation.
Casings are available in different materials such as Cast Iron & Carbon Steel Cast and carbon steel fabricated.
Pump available with heating foot and heating jacket suitable for handling liquid at Medium and High temperature.
Special design Screw & Shaft assembly suitable for variation in flow and pressure
Can be driven with Motor/Engines/Steam Turbines.
Can handle virtually any non-homogeneous fluid, regardless of viscosity, lubricity or abrasiveness e.g. seawater, bitumen, lime, acid, caustic solution or hydrocarbon,Crude Oil, Additives, Paraffin, Base oils, Petroleum products, Polyester, Fuel oils - all grades, Residues, Lubricating oils - all grades.
W types are available with lateral suction and top discharge.
Max Discharge Pressure: 40 Bars
Max Capacity available: 450 m³/Hr.
Max operating Temperature: 250°C

Twin Screw Pump W Model
SizeCapacity Flow (m3/Hr) Pumping Pressure in (bars)

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