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Single Screw Pumps ES Model

Single Screw Pumps ES Model

For Transfer of Chocolates Mix, Malt Extract, Syrups, Honey, Minced Meat, Infant Food, Jams, Spices, Fresh Cream, Butter, Condensed Milk, Fruit Juices & Pulp, Purees, Jelly, Glucose, Beverages, Beer, Ice-Cream, Vitamins Solution etc.

Basic Design, Principle of Operation
UTPSL Eccentric Helical Rotor Pumps are Self Priming, Rotary, Valve less Positive Displacement pumps having two pumping element Rubber Stator and Metallic Rotor. Stator is having helical profile with pitch double to Rotor pitch resulting in cavities, which carry the liquid.The basic design of S type pump is a special pump designed with two external tension rods being fastened at the bearing housing to the pump casing. Type "S" means quick cleaning, as the complete pump can be disassembled with effortless ease and a biologically complete cleaning of each part is possible. ES types of pumps are ideally suited for Food and Milk Processing industries. The suction and discharge port is provided with thread pipe connection so that quick disassembly of pipe and hose on suction and discharge side of pumps can be done. Pumps are suitable for drive by Motor/Engine thro Direct Coupling or V' Belt/Pulley.
In the Cross-section, stator and rotor contact each other at two points which, viewed axially, are lines of contact or “sealing”.
When the rotors turns, this geometry resolves into tandem chamber which are self-contained as also when pumps are stationary.

Food and Food Processing Industry, Beverages, Breweries, Color & Varnish Factories, Confectioneries, Dairy and Dairy Products, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Oil Mills, Chemical Industry.

Materials of Construction
Pumps are manufactured specifically to meet modern requirements for maximum hygiene. All parts coming in contact with liquid are fabricated in smooth and fine finish which ensures quick and complete cleaning of pump in least stoppage time.
Wetted casings are available in rust & acid proof stainless steel. Rotors are available in stainless steel, CrNi steel or hard chrome plated for abrasive materials. Stators are available in special types of elastomer material, which is of food quality. Sealing of hygienic quality materials as gland packing or mechanical seal is available. UTPSL pumps are having two special design Cardon joints completly sealed against liquid.

Because of Elastomer Stator, ES pumps are not suitable for dry running.

Special Features / Advantages
Longer Pitch and smaller diameter of rotor makes UTPSL pumps highly reliable with Small Initial Starting Torque, Higher Mechanical Efficiency, Capability To Handle Large Proportion Of Solids, Small Radial Thrust, Low Rubbing Velocity, Less Wear, Lower Axial Thrust, Smaller Unbalance, Quieter Operation, Quick Cleanable, Disassembled with Effortless Ease.

Single Screw Pump ES Model

Quick cleaning pumps with Pumps casing having special profile.
Pumps are ideally suited for milk and food processing industry.
Complete pump can be disassembled with effortless ease and biologically complete cleaning of each part is possible.
Special design sealed long life cardon joint
Capacity Range Available : - 5 LPM to 1450 LPM
Pressure range 12 Bar max.

Advantages of ES Pump
Available in food grade material combinations suitable for handling food products.
Available in different inlet/ outlet connection with dairy / food grade fittings.
Suitable for shear sensitive liquids thus maintaining the composition of product being pumped.

TypeMax PressureCapacity Flow (m3/Hr)
E2S122.14.56.8 11.313.728.542.452.29141

Performance parameter given in above chart is indicative, Please Contact for actual Pump selection.